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How long does manufacturing a piece take?


Manufacturing takes 3-10 days plus shipping. We always try our best to send your items right away but we do ask for patience :). Talk to us about expedited shipping.


If it’s a gift can I personalize a note?


Of course! Just let us know when you place an order through DM (instagram: @bambana.bamana) or e-mail (,


Does the product vary from the picture?

Quality should not vary, but designs might have slight variations in, for example, colors. Due to the nature of some materials, they might vary in shape and color.


Do you carry different sizes?


In most necklaces and all bracelets we do have different sizes. If you have a specific sizing for a piece, we’re happy to make it for you (be mindful of the possible extra charge for extra materials). 


What are the pieces made of?


Different pieces are made with different materials. We include the materials for each piece in the description of the product. Our products mainly have freshwater pearls, as well as gold filled or gold plated items in its majority.


Are your pieces gender neutral?


Yes! Our jewelry is for EVERYONE!


Can I personalize the design?


Some of our pieces can be personalized (I.e. Noord Necklace from Aruba Collection here). If you have a very specific idea in place, talk to us about it and we’ll try our best to make it for you.


How do I measure my piece?


Necklaces, bracelets or anklets- open them up and use a ruler or measuring tape from start to finish (including clasps).

Earrings and earcuffs- from top to the longest bottom.


I forgot to use my discount code


No worries! Get in touch with us and we'll fix that for you.


What’s the paying method?


We currently accept Venmo (@bambana) or PayPal (get in touch with us!).


Can I pay with PayPal?


Yes! Please get in touch with us.


Could I ask for expedited shipping? (i.e. Fedex, etc)


Definitely, just let us know. Be mindful of the manufacturing time for your handmade-to-order piece.


How long does it take to ship?

Depending on the service of your choice,  Standard mail with USPS will typically be delivered in under 5 business days locally, but nationwide it could take 2 to 3 weeks.

USPS overnight shipping (within the U.S): 1 - 2 days

International shipping varies with each delivery service, please use the tracking number we should have provided for you.


If it breaks, can it be repaired?


Unfortunately we run a very limited stock of materials therefore it is very rare that we can make any exception. But we will inquire on a case to case basis. 


Can I exercise with my pieces? Can I swim with my pieces?


Please don’t. Some of our pieces are gold plated which will tarnish with perspiration or water. Bambana do not swim. Please refer to our Care section.


Do you ship to Mexico? Does it have an extra cost?


Yes! Shipping to Mexico has a shipping cost of approximately 65 USD plus a possible Customs charge.


What happens if my order isn’t here and the delivery system says delivered?


Please refer to our Shipping section.


How do I care for the Bambanas I own?


Please refer to our Care section.


Do you have any guarantees?


We mostly use premium materials to make our pieces in high standards so that they will last you a long time. Some materials are very frail in nature, which should be taken into common sense consideration when caring for the piece. They are also handmade and prone to human error. We will inquire on a case to case basis. Please let us know if you need assistance with any of your pieces and we will try out best to make it up for you.


Can I return something? What’s your return policy?


Please refer to our Shipping and Care page. If you have any further questions please let us know on the form below, DM us or e-mail us.



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