Hippie hill
  • Hippie hill

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    Hippie hill hoop is reminiscent of the late 60’s movement in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Colors and full circle moment that speak of an era. “Hippie Hill has been a part of San Francisco's history, namely the Summer of Love, in 1967, a large counterculture movement that partially took place on the hill. With its close proximity to Haight Street, the main site of the Summer of Love, the movement often overflowed onto the hill. During this era, people gathered in the area to connect with one another through many activities, including the playing of music, consumption of LSD and marijuana, and expression of hippie ideals.” ✨

    • 30 mm handmade 14K gold plated hoop earrings
    • Freshwater pearls
    • Glass beads

    (sold as single earring, not a pair)


    Slight variations might occur due to the nature of the materials.

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